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Safety Concepts Team

Who are we?

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Marc macyoung

Marc MacYoung is an ex-violence professional, proudly reformed bad guy, and Safety Concepts’ spiritual leader. He co-founded Safety Concepts with Jenna Meek in 2018.

Marc has has authored over 30 books and videos about crime, violence, and conflict. He is a court-recognized expert witness on the subjects of self-defense, knife use, multiple attackers, disparity of force, positional disadvantage, and violence reconstruction.

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Jenna Meek

Jenna Meek is a homeschool mom, self-defense author, and certified firearms instructor. She co-founded Safety Concepts with Marc MacYoung in 2018.

Jenna has authored and published eight books and brings an impressive resume of formal training with the who’s-who of the shooting world. She runs publishing and defensive firearms businesses with her husband, Jeff.