Personal safety education for everyone
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Safety Concepts

Personal safety education for everyone.


Safety Concepts is an educational approach to personal safety that helps you improve your quality of life through seminars, books, audiobooks, and videos.

Our mission is to paint the big picture of effective personal safety and provide you with tools to fortify the life you’re already living.

We reject fear-based teaching. No matter how busy life gets, keeping yourself and your loved ones out of trouble is not difficult if you have quality information and training.

There is a lot of training out there. We’re here to educate

Our focus is on the skills and information most people need in most places, most of the time. Most people don’t need to be action heroes. Most people need to deal with everyday intimidation, boundary violations, and navigating unfamiliar circumstances. 

Do we have specialized training for extraordinary circumstances? Yes, but we build a foundation of fundamental understanding first. Before learning to handle dangerous situations, we teach people how to recognize them and avoid them altogether when they can. 

That said, we are in the business of building capable, confident people. When a conflict can’t be avoided, we will arm you with the best information about what to do before, during, and after to make sure you go home to your loved ones. 




Class Offerings

crime avoidance

If you know what to look for, you can easily spot - and avoid - crime and violence before they happen. Keeping yourself and your loved ones out of trouble is not difficult if you know when to leave.

Development & Context of Crime

Crime and violence come in many contexts. Despite this variety, every form has predictable patterns that tell you what you’re facing. We teach you how to  manage, deter, and - if necessary - respond appropriately instead of being victimized by it.

Boundary Setting & Risk Profiles

Boundaries are a two-way street. Understanding how to establish and maintain consistent boundaries for yourself - in a way you can live with - reduces stress and is crucial for a lifestyle of reduced confusion, conflict, and even danger.

Functioning Under Adrenaline

This is your brain on drugs. Your body’s hormone dump when it believes you’re in mortal danger is no joke. This chemical cocktail affects your perceptions, reactions, and thinking. Learn how to function under adrenaline and what lies it might be telling you.

Conflict Communications

Enter the hidden world of conflict patterns as old the cavemen. Understanding how people are conditioned to behave under stress and during confrontation is the first step to confidently and effectively navigating conflict.

Aftermath of violence

If you use your training you have one of two problems: it either didn’t work or it did. If it didn’t, you probably don’t care. If it did, congratulations: you can look forward to dealing with either the legal system or a vendetta.

Most people’s training does not prepare them for  “success.” We do.

Professional Use of Force

If violence is part your job, policy (and maybe even training... ) might not be there to help you do it. We’re here to prioritize your safety and teach you how to end violence quickly and effectively so you can go home when the day is done. All without jeopardizing your organization.

High Stakes De-escalation

Oprah’s not gonna talk us out of this one, kids. Everyone’s hostile, armed, and scared. If the talking stops, the shooting starts, and that’s exactly why you need to be saying the right things. We can help.

Multiple Attackers

Welcome to the nightmare scenario where the middle ground disappears. Packs attack faster and with more force than individual assailants and are incredibly dangerous. If you can’t de-escalate, your remaining options are ugly, at best. You’d better know how to fully explain your survival decisions.

You only have two problems with your self-defense training:
if it doesn’t work... or if it does.
— Marc MacYoung